Why You Should Get Married in Hong Kong

Most of us dreamed of the day that we are walking in the aisle, dressed in white or a suit and seeing from afar the person we want to marry. That day would be magical and romantic. Who wouldn't want that someday that could happen? When a person already found the one,...

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Booking your flight to Hong Kong

Like with any planned travel, it is advisable to inform yourself ahead of your journey. The flight to Hong Kong is about 10 hours, depending on your departure airport; hence, we decided to compile a few tips for you. The most important information regarding your...

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Wedding Rings

For your dream wedding, you also need 2 wedding rings - as a sign of your love and belonging to one another. In our effort to help you and in order for you to find the perfect rings, we recommend buying from our partners at JewelleryBee. They are professional...

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