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We are not Hong Kong residents/locals, can we still get married?

Yes of course you can, even as tourists whom are just visiting Hong Kong you may get married. As long as your documents are in order and the requirements fulfilled.

Our service is exactly aimed at tourists/non-Hong Kong residents.

What nationalities are allowed to get married in Hong Kong?

All nationalities are welcome to get married. In fact, it is very common. As long are you are able to travel to Hong Kong, you are also allowed to get married there. Almost all our couples are from different countries and so far, we are counting over 30 different nationalities. 

How far in advance should we start to plan our wedding?

As with most things in life, usually the earlier the better. However, from the day of registering your wedding, (we do all that for you) you need to choose a wedding date within the following 60 days. Otherwise you would have to pay the registry fee again. We pay the registry fee for you, no matter what package you book with us.

What is the notice of intended marriage and how do we submit it?

The notice of intended marriage is a document that needs to be supplied to the registry in order to plan your wedding, which is something we do for you. It is important that all details on such are correct, as otherwise you may have big delays in arranging your final wedding date.

The registry states that the compulsory marriage registration fee needs to be paid in cash locally, or via a check in local currency. How can we do that from abroad?

You don’t have to, we do it for you. Our local staff go in person to pay for your registration, which additionally is much safer than sending a check via mail. We make sure everything is arranged, so you only have to come to Hong Kong once for one short trip of less than a week.

We are hoping to apply for a Visa following the official marriage, what is the best way to do that?

Firstly, we help you with your appointment at the high court, in order to have your marriage certificate apostilled. Then with that you visit the relevsant embassy, all of which you can within the same few days during your stay in Hong Kong. Read the information on our home page, for an illustration of how that works.

We have decided to go ahead with our marriage, what else can we do to make it special?

Making your day special is our speciality Unlike anyone else we offer personalized services just for your wedding day. This include a professional photographer, a make up artist and a flower boquet. If you have any other wishes, just tell us. We are happy to go the extra mile and advice you on the best restaurants, day trips or sights worth seeing and happily book these for you, free of charge.

We will be travelling alone, can you provide the 2 witnesses necessary to get married?

Yes of course, our trained wedding specialist staff will be there to serve as your witnesses. This is included in every single one of our packages.

What are the main differences between your services/packages?

All packages, even the basic, make sure all documents and requirements are fulfilled, as well as that all necessary fees are paid in order for you to get married. The difference to the other packages are the extra services you might find useful and beneficial, based on our experience we have gained over the years. Click here to find out more.

I believe I have documents that need to be officially translated to be submitted for the marriage/visa application, can you help?

Yes, that is not a problem at all. Firstly, we will advise you on what you actually need, so no unnecessary costs are created. Following this, we will get all required documents that may be in a different language, officially translated for you. We have certified experts at hand for this.

What other costs will I have to plan for?

In addition to the flight and hotel costs, you have to pay for food and drinks yourself. Depending on what package has been booked and what documents we require for your marriage registration (as it can differ and is case dependent), the following costs may occur: shipping, notary fee, wedding fee and apostillation fee. 

The registration fee is included in every package.

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