If you’re having difficulties with learning the German language and preparing for the A1 German Language Exam in Manila, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will be of help to you!

There are a lot of struggles that come with learning a new language. The mastery of a foreign language will require so much more than just your time. You will also need patience and dedication during the whole learning process, while keeping your goals in mind and never losing sight of it.  

Here in the Philippines, you can take the A1 German Language Exam, which is conducted by the Goethe-Institut, in Manila. The Goethe-Zertifikat A1: Start Deutsch 1 is the German examination for adults, and it is also the first level out of the six-level scale of competence that’s been brought about by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The said examination will assess if candidates possess the very basic language skills in order to communicate in German, and passers of the said exam will be awarded with the A1 German Certificate.  The certificate will come in handy for future opportunities here in the Philippines and most especially in Germany.  

5 Tips before taking the A1 German Exam in Manila

In this blog, we will be giving some useful tips to individuals who are planning to take the A1 German Examination in Manila. Keep these tips in mind as they are quite useful to ensure that you’re 100% prepared for the examination. 

Do your research 

Always remember to do your research before registering for the A1 German Exam. To maximize your time, research the requirements beforehand and be familiar with other relevant information such as the registration period, fees and modes of payment, and the terms and conditions of the examination. All relevant information about the A1 German exam can be found online on the official website of the Goethe-Institut Manila. 

Check your location

Goethe-Institut is also conducting examinations in Cebu. If your location is much closer to Cebu, then it will be wiser for you to take the examination there. This way you will no longer have to fly to Manila and deal with all the hassle that comes with it. Take the examination in a location that is much closer to you for your own convenience.  

Always be updated 

Goethe-Institut always posts announcements in their official website and also updates in their social media accounts. Make sure to check their website from time to time and follow them on all their social media platforms so you won’t miss any announcements and updates regarding the A1 German examination. 

Be well prepared for the Examination

Never go to war unprepared. Study the language as much as you can. The A1 German examination is a serious commitment that you must be dedicated to in order to pass. You will have to allot some time for studying.  

Choose Phil-School

Phil-school offers an online A1 German course that aims to thoroughly prepare you for the A1 German Examination. Other than learning the German language with Phil-School, they will also guide you on registering for the examination and supervise you throughout the journey of getting your own A1 German Certificate. With Phil-School, you’ll have Filipino teachers who also had to pass the A1 German examination, so they understand your struggles. Your teachers will coach you properly to prepare you for the exam. You’ll have a much higher chance of passing the A1 German examination if you have help and guidance with you.

You can learn more about Phil-School on their official website, Phil-School.com. Contact them now start preparing for the A1 German exam. Their places are limited, but they are welcoming new students at the moment.


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