For your dream wedding, you also need 2 wedding rings – as a sign of your love and belonging to one another. In our effort to help you and in order for you to find the perfect rings, we recommend buying from our partners at JewelleryBee. They are professional purchasers and restorers of second hand jewellery, and offer the best prices on the market for rings, that look like new. And in order to give you the possibility to buy the best ring possible for you and your loved one, we provide you with a special offer just for our clients: 

Mention “LOVE” when you check out, and receive a 10% discount on your order.  

Complete and professional restoration 

Hand selected from our experts, we choose the nicest rings to then restore them to former glory. Each individual piece gets completely polished, so that the gold, but also the stone, may it be a Diamond or another, is preofessionally cleaned and shines in a new light. Fashion, may it be for jewellery or anything else, tends to repeat itself. Often pieces are given away, only to be highly sought after again a few years later. 

The best price possible 

When you buy the rings from us, you can rest assured that you get best price possible, not just because of the discount code, but also because jewellery bee already offer the best prices in the industry. You don’t believe us? Take a look! 

You will find real diamonds in many rings, at prices for which shops would charge you a multiple of what you pay here. The simple reason for this is that they have been bought in used, from our partners, so after careful restoration by hand they can pass this amazing price on to you. 

Quality Guarantee 

Of course you have our personal guarantee that all rings are of real material, exactly as described on the website. Professionals do the restoration, so rest assured that the rings simply look stunning, exactly as you would want for your most special day. Any questions, just ask! 

A quick overview of the advantages we offer: 

  • Unbeatable low prices compared to new Wedding rings 
  • With dedicated craftsmanship, every ring gets restored, polished and cleaned, so that they shine like new 
  • When you buy our rings, you get high quality pieces from real gold or platinum– nothing else 
  • Buying second hand pieces from us, is the most efficient way to buy jewellery, no sky high shop prices, no brand surcharge, just real jewellery from real materials that look like new  
  • When you don’t overpay for Gold, you actually buy something of value, because in the long run, Gold only knows one direction – UP 


Any questions?

Would you like more detailed information about a wedding in Hong Kong? Then please write or call us at any time, we will get back to you right away!


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