Basic Package


Our basic service package includes: 

  • Registration/Notice of Intended Marriage at the Marriage Office in Hong Kong 
  • Planning of the wedding date and complying with all necessary legal documents 
  • The necessary registration fee in Hong Kong paid for locally by one of our staff  (it needs to be paid locally or in form of a check in the domestic currency) 
  • If needed, provide the two required marriage witnesses 
  • Providing you with our own, very detailed personal guide booklet, containing all the information you will need in Hong Kong (requirements, addresses, transport, tips etc.)  


Our basic package: Solid and effective  

For a quick, hassle free marriage in Hong Kong 

We will advise from the onset – starting with making sure you have all the right documents, and all of those are correctly filled out, something we will make sure and double check. Further, we will make the necessary contact to the marriage office, on your behalf, to notify them of your intentions. In addition, we will closely co-ordinate everything with you, from arranging a suitable wedding day, to travel related questions (hotels, flights) to where you need to be, at what time and with what documents – as it can otherwise all get quite confusing.  

We will be in close contact with you all the time, keeping you up to date with any changes or anything else that’s required from you – so you don’t need to worry about anything. One of our local staff will pay the wedding registration fee for you; it’s a requirement that this needs to be done either in cash, locally, or in form of a check in the local currency. So that you don’t have the hassle of sending international checks in different currencies, our member of staff will drop this in person. The only way we can be assured it reached its destination. 

The perfect solution for the international wedding  

It is a requirement by law, to have 2 witnesses present in Hong Kong when you get married. In case you are unable to provide these yourself, for example by taking friends or family with you (which could be quite costly), we provide 2 witnesses free of charge, as part as our service package, to be present at your wedding appointment. 

Additionally we will provide you with a personal, very detailed guide, (written by us) which entails all the information you need when you arrive in Hong Kong. Such as addresses for each stop you need to make, how to get there (don’t forget Hong Kong is huge), what documents are required, what to expect and much more. 

And of course rest assured, if you have any questions at all, at anytime, we are always just one phone call or email away. 

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Basic Package
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