Basic Package


approx. 940 $ or 7360 HKD

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Our basic service package includes: 

  • Registration/Notice of Intended Marriage at the Marriage Office in Hong Kong
  • Planning and reserving of the wedding date
  • Completing and checking all the required legal documents
  • The compulsory marriage registration fee paid in person by one of our local staff in Hong Kong
  • If needed, provide you with the two required marriage witnesses
  • Providing you with our own, very detailed, personal guide booklet, containing all the information you will need in Hong Kong (requirements, addresses, transport, tips etc.)
  • Help with arranging an appointment for you at the High Court, to have your marriage certificate notarized by receiving an international Apostille for it
  • Help with arranging an appointment and advise in regards to applying for a Visa at the relevant embassy
  • If needed, you may pay in 2 instalments


Our basic package

For a quick, easy and internationally recognized marriage in Hong Kong

What services are included in the Basic Package?

We advise you from the onset, helping you and making sure you fulfil all the requirements necessary to marry in Hong Kong

This means, that we tell you exactly what documents are required, to register your marriage with the marriage office in Hong Kong.

Depending on your nationality and that of your partner, as well as your own personal circumstances, these requirements can change. Nonetheless, with us at your side you can rest assured that we know exactly what’s required and will help you to get married in Hong Kong. We, Reylita and I, have helped couples from all across the world and have also married in Hong Kong ourselves.

So first, we will check all your documents and make sure everything is filled out correctly. This way we make sure there are no mistakes before they are being sent to Hong Kong. As unfortunately, even a small mistake could render the whole process worthless; therefore it is of importance that we check everything thoroughly on your behalf.

Then, we inform the marriage office of your desired date for the wedding, and reserve such at your preferred wedding location – the Cotton Tree Drive or City Hall Registry.

We work in close relationship with the Marriage Office in Hong Kong and are in constant exchange with them, keeping you up to date at all times.


Payment of the mandatory fee locally

Once all the documents have arrived in Hong Kong, we send one of our local staff to the Marriage Office to pay the necessary registration fee of $ 305 in cash.

This fee is included in the package price and is paid by us; you do not need to worry about it.


Confirmation of your desired wedding date

Following this, your desired wedding date will be confirmed and the planning for your journey to Hong Kong can begin! Of course, given our extensive experience, we also assist you here and answer any questions you may have.

One important note from us:

 Please only book your journey (flights, hotel), once the Marriage Office in Hong Kong has officially confirmed your wedding date. This way, we can guarantee that everything will work out smoothly and exactly as planned.


Providing the two necessary marriage witnesses

If needed, we will provide you with the 2 required marriage witnesses. This saves you the extra-costs of having family or friends travel out with you for that purpose.


High Court for the marriage certificate Apostille & the Embassy for the Visa

Our service does not end with your beautiful and successful marriage!

We further arrange an appointment for you at the High Court, so you can collect your international Apostille for your marriage certificate. Thus, effectively notarizing it and making it be recognized and accepted all around the world!

With that, you can apply for a Visa at the relevant Embassy in a quick and easy manner. We also help you in arranging that appointment and give you advice on any visa related questions you may have.

Since we, (Reylita and I), have taken the same path and have all the experience from our numerous couples, we know exactly what you need and how to get it done.

With our service, we can arrange your marriage, as well as all other necessary legal appointments, (High Court + Embassy) within one week in Hong Kong.

This way we enable couples from all across the world, to enjoy a future together, not apart.


Our personal e-booklet guide just for you

In addition to all the above, we will also give you our personal, self-written e-booklet.

It contains all the necessary information for your journey ahead, including:

  • Necessary addresses in Hong Kong
  • Important contact details
  • Useful information regarding your travel to Hong Kong
  • Explanations of how to find everything in Hong Kong (the city can be very confusing at times!)
  • Tips for the city itself
  • Lots of advice and recommendations from our own experience


Additional Services we offer

For an even more complete and all around worry free package, we recommend our Premium Package to you. Here, our staff will personally accompany you to each and every appointment, whether it’s the Registry Office, Wedding Ceremony location, High Court or Embassy.

You still have questions? Then send us a message or call us now for a free consultation!

Order basic package nowor pay in 2 instalments

Any questions?

Would you like more detailed information about a wedding in Hong Kong? Then please write or call us at any time, we will get back to you right away!

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