Why Marry in Hong Kong?

Why Marry In Hong Kong

Hong Kong Marriage Registration: Why get married abroad?

When binational couples wish to get married, they often face a huge amount of bureaucracy. Getting married abroad can then be a very suitable and practical solution, especially in Hong Kong. 

We would like to show you why the Marriage in Hong Kong is so unique, with the following example:

When a UK citizen wishes to marry his Philippine girlfriend/fiancée, there are usually just two options: to marry in the UK, or to get married in the Philippines. 

Obtaining a visa for travel to the UK however, is a very lengthy and complicated process, involving many bureaucratic obstacles and in most cases it takes months to get approved, and more often than not – years. The reason is due to the immigration laws, requiring endless amounts of supporting documents, with no certain outcome – even more so if you dare to mention the intention of marrying! 

The other way, trying to get married in the Philippines, is very, very complicated, and on top of that, not recognised in the UK. So for Visa purposes, it’s unfortunately completely useless. 

What hurts the most though, is all the time wasted – the time not spent with your loved one.

It doesn’t even matter whether your partner is from the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos or Thailand, sadly it’s the same for each of these nationalities. 


Why we do not recommend the Civil Celebrant Marriage in Hongkong

If you were to marry the civil celebrant way, the marriage certificate issued carries only the signature of the civil celebrant. There is no official stamp and seal on it.

You will only receive an official government stamp and seal on your marriage certificate, if you marry via one of the official marriage registries.

While both type of marriages are legal under Hong Kong law, there is a big difference if you are looking to have your certificate notarized by apostille service afterwards.

More about the Civil Celebrant Wedding


Marrying abroad as the solution – The quick dream wedding in Hong Kong! 

Whilst marrying abroad in any of these countries is very complicated and more importantly not internationally recognized for Visa purposes, Hong Kong is different.

Getting married in Hong Kong is much more straightforward and in most cases does not require a certificate examinations/proofing. Additionally, the impediment to marriage certificate is also not required, which saves a tremendous amount of time. 

 All you need are your passport, birth certificate, proof you aren’t already married and an apostiled form for the marriage office.  

Once we arranged an appointment with the marriage office on your behalf, we can help you get married in Hong Kong within one week. One week is the time needed to make all the necessary bureaucratic visits and stops, ending with your wedding in Hong Kong!

The weddings take place in either of these two wonderful locations: The City Hall Marriage Registry or the Cotton Tree Drive. 

Hong Kong Marriage Registration

All documents need to be presented in either English or Chinese (mandarin).  

Certificates and apostilled documents in other languages need to be translated by official and licensed translators. The wedding itself takes place in English, for all other languages a translator would be required, whom you would have to organize yourself. 

Lucky enough, since Hong Kong is a hub for international travel and business in Asia, flights are easy to come by and the city itself is magnificent and worth the travel! What a better way to start your married life than during a small holiday in one of the greatest cities on earth!  

Get married abroad – with us at your side 

Let us help you get married in Hong Kong, so we can take care of everything and you can focus on your most important day – your wedding. This includes a detailed, individual, case-by-case advisory, as well as guidance and help with all the official institutional visits you need to do and all the documents you need to fill out/bring with you. 

Simply visit our Contact Us page and book the matching service package that suits you and your needs, we will take care of the rest. 

Or visit our experiences page to read about our success stories helping couples to marry in Hong Kong.

Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Married Abroad

Is a foreign wedding recognized in Germany?

If you have legally completed your marriage abroad and have followed all the legal requirements of the country where the marriage took place, your foreign wedding will also be recognized in Germany.

However, for some benefits of marriage, an additional registration may be necessary. For example, if you want to take advantage of changing your tax class, the marriage performed abroad must be registered with the local registry office (Standesamt) in Germany.

What are the advantages of getting married abroad?

As your personal wedding planner, we offer various all-inclusive packages for your perfect wedding in Hong Kong. By booking one of our offers, you can rely on a smooth process, saving you a lot of time and stress compared to planning a wedding at home.

In their home countries, marriage for binational couples is often associated with shockingly long waiting times and unusually complicated procedures. Getting married in Hong Kong, on the other hand, is a simple way to seal your happiness without much bureaucracy.

Within two to three weeks, you will be married as well. Even a vacation of less than a week should be sufficient to fulfill your special day. And with a longer stay, the time commitment is relatively low, allowing you to truly enjoy your vacation!

You can easily book the suitable package by sending us a message.

Any questions?

Would you like more detailed information about a wedding in Hong Kong? Then please write or call us at any time, we will get back to you right away!

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