Prenup (Marriage Contract)


approx. 315$ or 2470 HKD

No matter which countries the two parties come from, signing a prenup in Hong Kong, it is never a wrong decision.

Although a marriage contract is purely a hedge or insurance, the discussing of such can quickly create tension, although it shouldn’t. With the help of a prenup, the future spouses have certainty for their own future, if, for unknown reasons, the marriage doesn’t work out.

A Prenup can also save a lot of money down the line, especially for people who come from two different countries and hence two different legal jurisdictions, as it helps avoid getting into an unpleasant legal dispute later on.

These are the advantages (there are no disadvantages):

  • You no longer have to worry about what happens if the marriage doesn’t work out, since a clear regulation of the financial situation has been decided by both sides.
  • You can work on the Prenup together with your partner, so you both can agree.
  • You can also adjust or even cancel your prenup in the future (with clauses). In most cases, this happens when the spouse has had children or financial circumstances change drastically.
  • After signing, you can put the marriage contract in a drawer and never look at it again, unless you want to.
  • In the event of a separation, there can be no rose war or litigation in which there are winners and losers, except of course the responsible lawyers.

Who knows what will be in the future? A prenup is the perfect guarantee for a carefree life. All necessary precautions are taken to avoid blindly falling into a financial disaster. Especially, if one of the two spouses enter into the marriage with far greater financial means than the other, the marriage contract is really important, even more so for marriage concluded abroad. The same applies if one of the two fiancées owns property or other valuable financial assets (e.g. land, bank accounts etc).

Since this topic is very often addressed by our customers, we have come up with a suitable solution for you.

We provide the following advice and resources for a marriage contract:

  • A pre-prepared marriage contract (example)
  • A guide for best practice
  • List of competent notaries

We provide the spouses with a template, which represents a standard prenup with the usual clauses, but amendable to suit your personal needs.

The freedom lies in the fact that a marriage contract can be as individual as your own wishes desire. It is also a good idea to read our guidelines carefully to find out how it works for spouses from different countries.

With our help and advice provided, couples know which clauses or content should be included in their marriage contract.

In addition, our list of possible notaries in Hong Kong, will help you have your prenup legally certified, making a valid contract.

It is important to us, that the legal validity of the countries of origin of both parties, is covered. Lastly, we do recommend that you seek the expert advice from a specialist lawyer, in order to obtain detailed information about your rights and obligations.

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