City Hall Marriage Registry, Hong Kong

City Hall Marriage Registry, Hong Kong

Get married – like the royals do! 

There are plenty of town halls in this world to get married in, but the City Hall Marriage Registry is a special place. If you decide to get married here, you can count on professional English speaking staff, beautiful rooms and a stunning location for wedding photos. You can even ask for your photos to be put on the City Hall’s Facebook page. 

It has a very relaxed, yet elegant atmosphere, whilst actually being the biggest wedding location in all of Hong Kong. It caters well for both, small private weddings as well as slightly bigger parties. The rooms are well equipped and the experienced staff make sure you have an unforgettable day. 

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A beautiful and romantic setting 

You will love the urban flair, as well as the neighbouring Memorial Park, which is one of Hong Kong’s true highlights – ideal for fantastic wedding pictures. 

Doesn’t matter what season it is, this location is ideal all year around and truly one of a kind.  

Especially, if you want to offer your guests something extraordinary, the proximity to the harbour and to locations like the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, make it an ideal place to spoil your family and friends, so no wishes remain unfulfilled. 

The marriage is your step towards a life together

There are plenty of parking possibilities around the City Hall Marriage Office, making travel for any guests easy and convenient. In addition, it’s a merely a 7 Minute from the nearest train station.

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City Hall Marriage Registry Impressions

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