How to get married in Denmark? As a Filipina. 

Denmark is a country in Northern Europe, and there are about 8,000 Filipinos in Denmark. Filipinos are well-known for adapting to different environments, and they can embody others’ cultures with courtesy and are also known as law-abiding people. Therefore, if you’re one of the Filipinas who are currently in Denmark and have luckily found your better half there, this engagement will ultimately lead to plans for settling down. 

Marrying is indeed one of the most memorable occasions that could happen to a person. And being a Filipina, you surely want it to be special, whether you want it to be an intimate or extravagant kind of celebration. Being in a country away from home might make this a little challenging to accomplish, but of course, don’t let this dishearten you because you’ve come to the right place. This article will serve as a guide to you in getting married in Denmark as a Filipina.


Filipinas getting married in Denmark

It’s important to note that to get married in Denmark, you must file for a Certificate of Marital Status and have it accepted. You must fill out a registration form, and fortunately, you can send those important papers through an email. Remember that the earliest you may apply is four (4) months before your intended wedding date. You will most likely choose between getting married in a municipality, local church, or any religious community, but you’ll have to indicate this in your application. Now, suppose both you and your partner fulfill the prerequisites to be married, in that case, the Certificate of Marital Status will be mailed to wherever you have expressed your intention to get married. 


Requirements and conditions for getting married in Denmark

Marriages in Denmark are subject to a few conditions and requirements that must be met and prepared before the wedding. So, please take note of the following as they are important key points in tying the knot in the country of Denmark. 

First, you and your spouse-to-be must already be eighteen (18) years old and unmarried. In cases where one of you was previously married, the prior marriage must be terminated first before remarriage. On another point, please take note that proforma marriage or marriage for convenience is strictly prohibited in Denmark, this rule discourages marriages that are being entered into only for the sole purpose of securing residency in Denmark. In addition, the marital union between close relatives is also not allowed in the said country. Finally, to get married in Denmark, you must be lawfully permitted to enter and reside in Denmark. 

You must also provide documents for the marriage that should either be in three languages, English, Danish, or German. With that being said, the couple will then have to prepare their passports, copies of their authenticated Certificate of No Marriage (not older than four (4) months), their birth certificates, VISA, and the signed 11b declaration, which can be found on the website where the application must be processed. 


First things First in applying for a Certificate of Marital Status

To submit your application to get married in Denmark, visit, and make sure to follow their steps and attach all the required documents. Take note that the processing of the application is within five (5) days, but this will vary if crucial information is lacking in your application. 


Any questions?

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