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Details of contract

This contract regulates and entails the selling of a wedding planner service, via the websites online shop. The details of such services are described in detail on the website itself. Payment can be made through the website via Paypal, Credit Card, Direct Debit or alternatively via Bank transfer.


Contractual agreement

The contract becomes valid and binding electronically via the Shop system of the website, or through our means of communication such as telephone or email.
The ordering of one of the services online through the website include the following steps:

  • Client chooses his preferred service package: Basic, Premium and Gold; and/or extra services such as photographer, flowers and make up artist
  • Adding the chosen package via the “add to cart” button to the cart
  • On the cart site, the client fills out his personal contact details
  • Then the client agrees to the terms and conditions and the cancellation policy via clicking on the respective box
  • Confirmation of the order by clicking of the button “buy now”
  • Client pays via Paypal, Credit Card or direct debit on the website,
  • Or the client pays via different payment methods such as bank transfer. Once the client receives the confirmation of the order via email, the contract is legally binding. Additionally the contract is also binding without a confirmation being send to the client via email, but because we have started providing the client with the first part of the service booked.


Length of contract:
The contract shall begin as per the above and only end once the marriage has taken place.


The total price for the services depends on which package/services the client books:

129 euro for the bridal boquet
289 euro for the make up artist
350 euro for the photographer
890 euros for the basic package
1390 euro for the premium package
2490 euro for the gold package

All prices are final prices and do include VAT.


Means of payment
The client has several options to pay for the chosen service package through our website shop.

  1. Via direct bank transfer to our bank account, using the order number as a reference for the transfer.
  2. Via PayPal or PayPal’s facilitation to use Credit Cards.
  3. Via Credit Cards directly.
  4. Via Sepa direct debit.


Start of service 
The delivery and start of our service begins as soon as we received the payment for such, either in our bank account or Pay Pal account.

drafting of contracts

The conclusion of a contract therefore requires the agreement of declarations of intent by at least two parties aimed at bringing about legal consequences, which can be made in writing via the ordering process, by e-mail or via a messenger service provider. With the conclusion of the contract, the buyer accepts the general terms and conditions of the seller.

The customer has no way of directly accessing the stored contract text. The customer can correct input errors during the ordering process. To do this, he can proceed as follows: He can notify the provider and draw attention to the error.


Refund / withdrawal from the contract
A refund of the purchase price is generally possible if the wedding is canceled within 14 days. In this case, the amount paid will be transferred back to the respective account without the need for an explanation.


After the 14 days, the following provisions apply:

  1. No refund will be issued in the following cases.

If the service or supplementary performance is no longer to be claimed, this is done at the request of the customer and is equivalent to a dissolution of the contract, which releases both parties from any obligation. This applies to personal decisions and circumstances of the couple (e.g. separation, illness or death) that are beyond the sphere of influence of the organizer.

If there are force majeure or other circumstances that make it impossible to provide our service (e.g. natural disasters, political situations, pandemic), there is a right to subsequent performance of the booked services. As a result, an appointment can be rescheduled free of charge. There is a lifetime right to the performance of the activity leading to a successful marriage.

  1. A partial refund will be issued in the following cases.

If the service cannot be provided due to the organizer’s fault or within his or her sphere of influence, a partial reimbursement must be arranged, which is measured according to the expenses incurred, taking into account the tangible asset.


All weddings that could not take place due to the pandemic will be converted into an organizer voucher. These vouchers can be redeemed without a time limit.

Any questions?

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