Is divorce in the Philippines really acceptable?

It is very common for foreign men or women to fall in love with someone from the Philippines. But what happens if this person is still married under Filipino law and needs to be divorced?

In the first step, each of us would probably find out about divorce law in the Philippines.

But when you learn that a divorce is not legally possible in the Philippines, the shock is deep.

Unfortunately, you read correctly – the overpowering supremacy of the Catholic Church has made the laws of divorce very complicated. An official divorce is simply not allowed.

Apart from the Vatican, the Philippines is the only country in the world where a divorce is prohibited. No exception is made, even in cases of domestic violence, infidelity, or total neglect.

The only way out of this helpless situation is a so-called “marriage annulment”.

But how exactly does a annulment work in the Philippines and what is it all about? The answer to this question will not please the people concerned.

An Annulment in the Philippines is a lengthy and difficult process and costs a lot of money. Since most Filipino citizens cannot afford such a costly process, the still-spouses simply remain separate but legally still married.

In many cases, the future spouse from abroad, with the appropriate financial means, will have to cover the costs of the complex procedure in order go start the annulment process.

A marriage in the Philippines can only be canceled under certain specific conditions, e.g. if one of the two spouses is declared to be mentally incompatible or there was a case of abuse or strong violence. To do this, a multitude of different requirements have to be met: including lots of documents that have to be provided, forms that have to be filled in, expert reports from a psychologist and countless appointments with a lawyer and in court etc.


First and foremost, a reputable and competent lawyer must be hired. 

This is a difficult task, even more so in the Philippines. Since the focus is not on the people concerned, but only on the profit from the upcoming annulment procedure.In the worst case, this can become a “NEVER ENDING STORY”, which lasts for many years and only costs more and more up money. Too often we were able to witness how the people involved, were repeatedly asked to pay additional fees, whilst facing an uncertain future.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to find a work with a trustworthy, professionally and competent lawyer.In order for a marriage annulment to work in the Philippines, it has become our task to simplify the bureaucratic process with a special service and make it significantly more cost-effective for our clients.

With “Phil-Annulment” we take care of all the formalities and accompany the partners in single steps through a smooth process. One important aspect of our service is the cooperation with specially selected lawyers, who can demonstrate many years of experience and a 100% success rate.

The following are included:

  • Security for an uncomplicated and inexpensive annulment
  • Our experience for a targeted and simplified approach
  • Checking all the necessary documents
  • Correspondence with the relevant authorities and lawyer
  • Arranging appointments with the supervising lawyer

Our extensive knowledge about annulment with many additional services Our formula for success for a successful annulment is mutual trust and direct communication between our clients and the responsible authorities (court, authorities, etc.).

As the link between the client and the lawyer, we have managed to optimize the processes in a completely new way. Expensive attorney fees can be reduced because our service does some of the lawyer work already. This is also why, the costs for our services are already included and hence deducted from the total costs of the lawyer. We are proud to announce that we have found a concept that will help Filipino spouses to have their marriage annulled, much faster and cheaper than anywhere else.

If you want to take a look at our annulment service, you can open the following link “PHIL-Annulment“.


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