Wedding bridal bouquet


approx. 136$ or 1070 HKD
Reliable and comfortable the desired flowers for your wedding day are delivered by us personally.


Our Flowers for a beautiful moment 

Our flowers bouquet, especially prepared for your special day, presents itself in complete white. Premium roses, from a special sort, surrounded and bound together by a beautiful ribbon. There is no nicer way to represent love on the most important of all days than with flowers. The white colour of the flowers and the white dress make every bride look like an angel. 

There is no wedding without flowers – at least we don’t think there ever should be! 

Our bouquet makes the day all the more special, as special as it deserves to be. Flowers speak their own language, the one of love and beauty, and there is no nicer way to show your love than with our beautiful bouquet.  

Conveniently and comfortable for you, we will personally make sure it gets delivered to you on your wedding day, so you can relax and enjoy your big day. 


Additional Services for a day to remember

In addition to a beautiful flower bouquet, we also offer to arrange a Professional Photographer or Make-up Artist, to make your big day even more special.

All these can be booked individually or come included in our luxurious Gold Package!

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