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We are proud to have already helped 100’s of foreigners, from over 30 different countries, get married in Hong Kong. We would love to help you too.

HOW TO GET MarriED in Hong kong

We help international couples marry in hong kong

Are you not sure where and how to get married? You don’t want to wait any longer for the big moment? Getting married in Hong Kong is fast, relatively easy and internationally recognized for Visa purposes. For couples from all across the globe! With our expertise and know how nothing can go wrong.

All couples are welcome and with us at your side you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly, so you can concentrate on what’s really important: Your big day! We are wedding planners and a professional service agent at the same time, sharing and bringing in our own experience to make sure everything goes as planned. So you can get married and subsequently re-united with your loved one.

Planning everything yourself can be very time consuming, stressful and has the potential for some things to go wrong, rendering all the time and money spent worthless. That’s where we can come in to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Our complete service includes:


  • Free initial consultation – answering any questions you may have
  • Advice on Visa requirements
  • Checking of all needed official documents on your behalf
  • Organizing and pre-planning your wedding day in Hong Kong

In Hongkong:

  • We provide both witnesses you need to get married
  • Certified translations and apostils
  • Secure local payment of the necessary fee
  • Private guide helping you with everything and accompanying to every legal visit (depending on booked package)

The reasons to get married in Hong Kong are numerous. Nowhere else can couples from any background get married so easy, fast and efficient; whilst at the same time, giving you the assurance that the marriage is recognized and accepted across the world. Making the in some cases, following, reuniting visa process, all the easier.

Read more about our own story and our experience in helping others get married in Hong Kong.




Marriage in Hongkong – a quick overview of how it works

After you booked one of our 3 packages, we will start working right away, on getting everything you need ready, for your big day. This means registering your marriage at the Hong Kong registry, to receive your booking confirmation, followed by starting work to get all the necessary documents in place – as they can vary depending on what nationality you and your partner hold. 

For all that follows in Hong Kong, we provide you with a step by step written guide that explains everything in detail, including where to go, when to be there, what you need, general information on Hong Kong and all of our own private tips. From our own experience and that of dozens of our clients.

Depending on what package you book, we will also provide you with a private English-speaking guide, who accompanies you to all the necessary stops and makes sure you have everything you need with you.

Additionally, we also provide a photographer, flowers or make up artist for your upcoming wedding day. These can be booked individually or are included in our luxurious GOLD package. To read more about the individual packages click here.


Your marriage in Hong Kong could look like this:


As everything has been carefully planned – all formalities can be dealt with in a quick and organized manner at the marriage registry.


The wedding takes places at one of the two beautiful locations you chose – City Hall or Cotton Tree Drive


After the visit to the Embassy, its time to apply for the international apostille.


You can collect your apostille at the High Court and enjoy the rest of your stay in beautiful Hong Kong.

Our married couples

Thank you very much for your help, for and during our wedding in Hong Kong. The personalized Guide booklet you provide and the information it entails, made our life very easy in the sometimes-chaotic madness of Hong Kong. In the end, everything worked out as planned for us, thanks to your great service, attention to detail and your staff in Hong Kong itself – enabling us to fly back married and happy ☺

Dionale & Bernd

We thank you for guiding us to our joint future. Although the circumstances weren’t easy, with you at our side it was a breeze. The constant availability and responsiveness you both provided to us is truly magnificent. We highly recommend your services to others.

Loreidel & Daniel

About Us

Due to our own experience, having done it all ourselves, and our wish to help other couples do the same, we are the right partners at your side for your marriage in Hong Kong.

Without professional help, the bureaucracy is daunting and difficult – even small mistakes can render the whole process useless.

When we got married ourselves, we wish we had someone by our side, guiding us through the process and telling us where to go and what to do. This is why we created this website and hopefully we can help you too.

Our service in pictures:

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