Premium Package


approx. 1470 $ or 11500 HKD

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Our premium service – from our own experience:

  • All services as explained in the Basic Package
  • Our staff will help you with all your required appointments whilst you are in Hong Kong. So no matter where you are from, a Visa can be quickly applied for following your marriage. This means:
  • We will pick you up at an agreed meeting point and take you to the Marriage Registry Office
  • We will accompany you to your chosen wedding location (Cotton Tree Drive or City Hall)
  • We will accompany you to the relevant Embassy
  • We will go with you to the High Court, to have your marriage certificate notarized with an International Apostille – making it recognized and accepted all around the world
  • Our experienced staff will make sure you have the right documents on you before each of those appointments
  • If needed, you may pay in 2 or 3 instalments


Our Premium Package: Complete and worry free cover 

What services are included in the Premium Package?

With the Premium Package, you get all the services included in our Basic Package.

 In addition, our staff will personally accompany you to every appointment during your stay in Hong Kong. With the Premium package, we want to offer you a completely worry free and personalized service, so you can relax as we are constantly by your side.

 We, Reylita and I, know from our own experience how daunting and difficult it can be to arrange, handle and get to all appointments on your own, in a completely new environment.


Personal guidance and help

We will meet you at an agreed meeting point, (depending on which hotel or part of town you reside in) which is easy to find, so we can make sure you arrive everywhere on time. In addition, we will check that you have all the needed documents on you for each day.

From there, we will guide you to every necessary visit during your stay in Hong Kong (the Registry Office, the Ceremony, the High Court and the Embassy) to make sure everything goes as planned. After all, Hong Kong is a huge city, but rest assured our staff know their way around and have helped many couples before you.

In summary, this means we will accompany you to:

  • The Marriage Office to register your marriage
  • Your chosen location for the ceremony itself (City Hall or Cotton Tree Drive)
  • To the High Court to collect the International Apostille for your marriage certificate, thus legally notarizing it
  • To your relevant Embassy for the application of the Visa


Constant help during your stay and the Visa application

It is important to us that you enjoy your wedding fully and don’t stress about things like what time to leave, how to get there or what documents to have on you. So rest assured when book our Premium package, we do not just accompany and guide you everywhere you need to go, but are also constantly there for you in case you have any questions, queries or are unsure about anything at all.

Additionally, if you or your partner is planning on applying for a Visa following your marriage in Hong Kong, then we offer help with arranging an appointment for you at the relevant embassy as well as general guidance for the Visa itself – from our own experience and that of our many couples. 


Additional Services we offer

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