Gold Package


approx. 2630 $ or 20600 HKD

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An overview of our GOLD Services: 

  • all services from the basic and premium package are included in the GOLD Package 
  • you reside in one of our recommended hotels, that don’t just have good ratings, but are also conveniently located in regards to where you need to go  
  • One of our knowledgeable and experienced staff will pick you up from the agreed meeting point and guide you to all the important administrative appointments 
  • We will make sure you have a beautiful flower bouquet waiting for you at the ceremony, there shall be no bride without stunning flowers in her hand
  • We will organize a professional photographer for your big day, who will stay with you for 2 hours covering the whole ceremony from start to finish, as well as doing a photoshoot with you after the ceremony. So every moment is saved forever.
  • Also included is our professional make up artist for your big day – creating the perfect look the way you want it
  • If wished, we recommend and also reserve a stunning location/restaurant for you and your loved ones, to enjoy a beautiful reception dinner including an impressive wedding cake, delivered directly to your restaurant of choice by us.


Gold Package – for everyone who wants everything to be taken care of

The big day has come, you are finally getting married! We congratulate you and know that all you want to do now is think about your big day and make it as perfect and memorable as possible.

You only get married once and it is the one-day that’s all about you, and no one else.

None of the less, the planning of such can quickly test your nerves, especially if it takes place abroad. We know this just too well from our own experience of getting married in Hong Kong. There are a lot of things you want to organize and get right – location, flowers, guests, photographs, make up…

After all you only have one try at it, so it better be perfect! Coupled with the various legal preparations and visits you need to do, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first. So this doesn’t happen to you, we will take care of everything.

What the Gold package contains

As professional and experienced wedding planners in Hong Kong, we know our way around and you will be in good hands. We will handle all the communications with the Marriage Office, Registry, High Court and Embassy, as well making sure all your necessary documents are filled out correctly and taken care of. In addition, we will schedule an appointment for you at the relevant embassy, following your successful marriage.

Included in the Gold package are also:
Make up artist Wedding bridal bouquet Photographer
Bride Make Up Marriage in Hongkong

Further, we will take care of everything from recommending you hotels, organising a photographer, a make up artist, all the way to arranging a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your wedding day. Whatever it is, we will make sure it’s the most special day of your life – extra wishes welcome!

Book your GOLD package now so you can lean back and relax, and let us organize an unforgettable wedding in Hong Kong!

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Any questions?

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