It is not easy as a wedding planner to gain a foothold in a large market and stand up to other competitors. To grow further, we want to improve significantly by cooperating with other providers. Always in the foreground is our philosophy to give love an incomparable moment.

Our partners who support us and whom we would like to thank:

An experienced emigrant documents his house construction in the Philippines on hausbauphilippine.com. Informative reports, photos, tips & house construction costs.

A matter of the heart that is particularly important to us – organizations and associations – is to support social projects in order to help needy people:

The aid project MARIPHIL e.V. for the improvement of the economic, social and health conditions of the poor population in the project area in the Philippines.


Is There an Alternative to Marriage in Hong Kong? ” Yes, there is!“

Anyone who is legally allowed to travel within the EU and can provide the required documents can marry in Denmark. In Denmark, the agency marry24.eu, is the ideal partner for a smooth transaction from the registration until the day of the wedding ceremony. The employees accompany the couple to the registry office and ensure an unforgettable moment.

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