One of the wedding essential one must never forget is an amazing wedding photographer in Hong Kong. Having a photographer in a wedding is an opportunity to capture each precious moment as this occasion is one of the most important milestone in every one’s life.

Marriage in Hong Kong has been operational for five years now and the agency mainly assist biracial couples in getting married in Hong Kong with fast and easy process. Today, Marriage in Hong Kong has already served a lot of satisfied clients in getting married in Hong Kong, and continues to do so with its competent staff. It is no secret that the success of Marriage in Hong Kong is all due to their dedicated staff. But other than their very competent employees and staff, Marriage in Hong Kong is also working together with other professional individuals to guarantee the quality of their services. In this blog, we will be introducing the photographer that is working in cooperation with Marriage in Hong Kong.

Carl Martin Valenzuela is 41 years old and a resident of Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong. He is the photographer that is in cooperation with Marriage in Hong Kong since 2019, but he has been working as a professional photographer in Hong Kong since 2010. Alongside his experience in the photography industry, Carl Valenzuela has also attended Nikon School in the Philippines and Singapore. He also shared how he has developed his passion for photography since he was young, and how lucky he is to be able to have a career that he loves and he is passionate about.

Here are some of his best shots.


The services of the photographer in cooperation with Marriage in Hong Kong, Carl Martin Valenzuela, can be availed in the gold package and separately. In the Gold Package, Marriage in Hong Kong will be the one to handle all the communications with the Marriage Office, Registry, High Court and Embassy, as well as confirming that all necessary documents are complete. Marriage in Hong Kong will also arrange a photographer, a make-up artist, and even a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your wedding day. The gold package costs 1,800 Euros that can be paid in two installments. In addition to that, the photographer in cooperation can also be booked separately under other packages being offered by Marriage in Hong Kong for a price of 299 Euros. The booking includes two hours of session that will cover the whole wedding ceremony from start to end and as well as a photo-shoot after the wedding.

The photographer in cooperation with Marriage in Hong Kong will surely be able to document one of the highlights of the couple’s whole life. The photographer will mostly work behind the scenes. You might not even notice him much, but rest assured that the photographer will be able to capture the most memorable and magical moments of your wedding day, so get ready to be mesmerized when you see the pictures.

Marriage in Hong Kong are professional and well experienced wedding planners that have already helped and guided a lot of couples around the world to get married in Hong Kong. All of our clients are highly satisfied with the services they were provided with. Rest assured that with Marriage in Hong Kong, you are in the best hands. With the right people to guide and help you, you can have a worry and hassle free wedding that can be accomplished in no time!

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