The benefit of having assistance

Binational couples are advised to find and ask help from a legit agency to process the most important papers in their lives. Imagine yourself not from Hong Kong and you just search everything online without the help of anyone, just you and your partner. You may feel uncertain if you both did the right thing or you may feel worried at some point in time. It will be challenging in your part especially that you don’t know anyone from Hong Kong or someone that could understand your language. There would be a lot of obstacles in your way; you may make it in the end but not without any worries and stress. Also, there’s a lot of places required to go, the offices for example. You may feel fear because you don’t know where to go and you and your partner are unsure of anyone even the taxi driver. Or is the google map right? So, that kind of problems occurs, and that is the reality. Instead of feeling all these emotions, there is a better way to handle this kind of circumstances.

Do you want a hassle-free marriage processing? That you can just sit and relax from time to time? And you don’t need to worry about what documents are lacking and so on? Well, you better sit back and relax because we are here for you!


We can help you

Our company will take care of all your worries. Part of our services is to give you all the necessary list for the completion of the marriage certificate in Hong Kong. All your papers will be reviewed by our superb staff, we assure you and your partner that with our services there’s 0% failure. We already proved that in our years of services! All you need to do is to connect with us from time to time, be cooperative and be responsive to the needed documents. We want to give you a hassle-free and fast processing, and your participation is highly applicable.


The following documents are required for the wedding:

Please take note that these documents must be submitted in either Chinese or English.

  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Divorce certificate (if one of you is divorced)
  • Death certificate (if one of you is a widow/er)


Once these documents have been prepared, the following points must be clarified in advance:

  • Do you need an official certification of these documents?
  • Are witnesses necessary for the ceremony?
  • Does an interpreter have to be present during the wedding process?
  • What about the entry into Germany afterward? What is necessary for this?
  • Do you have to complete a German course before that? Or take an exam?


Choose Us

Having a no-sweat wedding ceremony is what couples dreamed of. Our company is composed of professional employees even wedding planners that have established skills in years of experience. They work effectively and are willing to plan the wedding with you and your partner side-by-side. They are well-trained, know how to communicate in English and they will make your wedding perfect!

Every couple is different that’s why we also offer a variety of Hong Kong wedding service packages that you can check and choose! We have a basic package, premium package, and gold package. In addition, we offer other services which include, a photo shoot just for the newlywed, a bouquet of the bride’s choice, a makeup artist and you can choose your desired wedding rings! Or see all our wedding packages here!

What are you waiting for? We will be happy to give you a free consultation and discuss more our services. Just ask us. We’ll happy to hear from you soon!

Choose us, and we’ll offer you happiness that marriage brings!

Any questions?

Would you like more detailed information about a wedding in Hong Kong? Then please write or call us at any time, we will get back to you right away!

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