How to Get Married in Germany? As a Filipina. 

If you’re a Filipina who’s planning to get married in Germany, surely this once-in-a-lifetime occasion will be unforgettable. But first things first, of course, to get married in a foreign country, you, a Filipina, will have to prepare the needed requirements before you can legally marry in Germany. Here in this blog, we will walk you through the steps to achieve the wedding day of your dreams in Germany!


  • Secure a Visa for Marriage

You will have to apply for a Marriage Visa at the German Embassy in Manila, and when it comes to applying for a marriage visa, the Filipina bride-to-be must present the required documents in support of the application. The requirements are including but are not limited to the following:

  1. Birth certificate of the applicant (published by PSA). 
  2. Three passport-size ID pictures. Two passport pictures must be fastened in the application papers, and the other one shall be attached to the passport. The applicant’s full name and date of birth must be printed on the back of the passport picture. 
  3. Two application forms and two security statements are filled out completely.
  4. A valid passport. 
  5. The Visa fee of €60.00 is payable in Philippine pesos at the current exchange rate (the visa price is waived for spouses of EU citizens and parents of German minors). 
  6. Copy of the federal identity card (front and back page); OR passport and registration card of the fiancé(e) in Germany.
  7. A written confirmation from the German Registry Office that the marriage application has been approved, along with the desired date of the wedding, and the formal Obligation of the Fiancé.
  8. Proof of basic knowledge and fluency in German (A1 Certificate).
  9. A health insurance valid until the marriage takes place with a minimum coverage of €30.00
  10. Two photocopies of all original documents (Passport only the dating page). 
  11. If the applicant is single, there is a need to secure a copy of the CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage. This document must be less than six months old.

Please take note that the requirements will not be limited to the ones listed above. There are also supplementary documents that you will have to present, such as in cases where the bride-to-be is a widow or if the previous wedding ended in an annulment. 


  • Schedule an appointment for Marriage.

After securing all the needed paperwork, the application must be submitted to the Registry Office at the relevant residential location of the applicant, along with the following documents:

  • For the groom’s documents, there should only be a photocopy of a valid identity card, a copy of the groom’s birth certificate (not older than six months), and proof of income.
  • While for the bride’s documents, there is a need to submit the birth certificate (Certificate from PSA), and it must be translated into German. The Power of Attorney of the Fiancée for Registration of Marriage (Power of Attorney and copy of the passport of the bride must be legalized by the German Embassy in Manila) and a Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR from PSA).
  • If the applicant is a widow, submit the death certificate of the deceased spouse (not older than six months) and a marriage certificate (not older than six months).

Overall, marrying may be a tedious process but always believe that it will all be worth it in the end. After all, no challenge cannot be conquered especially for a Filipina who’s willing to work hard for her happy ending. 


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