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Let us advise you about getting married in Hong Kong 

The advantages of getting married in Hong Kong are numerous, because nowhere else can you get married quicker and more efficient, than here. 

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about it, and share our own experience with you in a short, completely free, consultation phone call.   

We possess years of experience in dealing with governments/authorities, registries, filling out official documents, apostils, and in arranging dream weddings in Hong Kong. 

This is how you could benefit from a free consultation 

Whilst our services are primarily aimed/sought by couples with different nationalities, who have trouble getting married in their home countries, we do welcome any couple wishing to get married in Hong Kong. 

 In our free consultation we can talk about: 

  • how your marriage in Hong Kong can be arranged 
  • which services our different packages offer and include 
  • in which amazing locations you see yourself getting married 
  • what legal visits/stops are necessary in Hong Kong  
  • what help we provide you for all these visits (our own written guide, private guide etc) 
  • any other questions you may have about getting married in Hong Kong 

This is how you arrange your free consultation today 

We are glad if we caught your attention! Please send us a message via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a time and place for the consultation! We look forward to hearing from you.  

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Consultation brief summary

Even an unbureaucratic process requires some preparation. In a mutual consultation you tell us about your wishes and ideas and we show you in return, which of them can be implemented. In principle, there are no limits. Only those you set yourself.


Do you want to marry abroad and not wait long for the big moment? We help you to find an unforgettable wedding in Hong Kong. Loving couples are more than welcome here. We offer the service of a successful wedding in Hong Kong, which is primarily for bi-national couples who want to spend their future carefree.

What is up to you?

Marry in Hong Kong and without problems? We offer comprehensive and free advice so you can plan your wedding in peace. We organize and plan your marriage. Binational couples can marry with our service in Hong Kong and enjoy the carefree life. Completely uncomplicated and unbureaucratic you enter with us a new stage of life.

We advise you which of our service packages fits best for you. Based on these framework conditions, we tailor each wedding to the individual needs of our customers. You should feel comfortable with us all around and we prove that in our first meeting with pleasure.

What advantages we offer you

Planning a wedding yourself can be quite exhausting. Especially, as far as the bureaucratic part is concerned, you seldom feel like doing it yourself. We take over this area for you – and everything, where you need help. So you can concentrate on what concept you want to choose or choose the wedding dress in peace. Without having to expose you to any pressure.

So you do not have to worry about deadlines. Or worry about whether nothing will be forgotten, so that in the end there are no problems with the application for the visa

Expiration of a wedding

During the whole wedding process we are available for you. Depending on the service package, we also offer an on-site support, should it come to any additional requests. After the entire English-language correspondence has been completed and all administrative procedures have been completed (from the consulate to the High Court to the Marriage Office), the wedding ceremony takes place.

Following a positive German exam at the Goethe-Institut in Manila, Philippines, the visa for family reunification is applied for. Here the Hague Apostille and the marriage certificate are presented, then nothing stands in the way of your happiness.

Any questions?

Would you like more detailed information about a wedding in Hong Kong? Then please write or call us at any time, we will get back to you right away!

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