Vietnam is one of the most visited country in Asia, packed with history, astonishing landscapes, cultural highlights, and delicious foods. It’s one of the most exciting destinations in South East Asia. Visiting Vietnam feels like a trip you’ve never taken before—the best is to expect nothing and enjoy what that trip may lead you to. There’s no bad timing in visiting this wonderful place! It all depends on what you want to experience while strolling around the country.

Sometimes better to not expect too much from a trip, however, what if a new found love will surface in a pretty unexpected way? A lot of people find love in social media nowadays and many of them want to marry that person soon after. What if though, a foreigner and a Vietnamese decided to tie the knot or 2 foreigners found love while visiting Vietnam and decided to marry in the place where they met? What are the things they will face when tyring to get married?

The Bureaucracy Hitch

For foreigners, the laws of Vietnam do not actually provide marriages between two non-Vietnamese citizens, except one of the two foreigners is having a permanent residence permit or temporary residence permit in Vietnam. That would be devastating to both of them. Also, all required documents should be translated into Vietnamese.

A non-Vietnamese citizen seeking to get married to a Vietnamese national may submit his/her required documents in person or by mail to the Embassy of Vietnam for marriage registration and authentication of the papers before taking them to Vietnam for more procedures. Lots of documents need to be submitted. Such as certificate of marital status, health certificate, copies of passports and visas, authenticated birth certificate and for those who have previously married, they require a certified copy of the divorce decree.

After which you have to wait for everything to be processed. Eventually, you and your partner can finally get married. Obviously, patience is also part of the process. However, living together permanently may take years to process.

How about we provide you the simplest solution?

The Answer is 2 Hours Away

We know that couples like you love to have a smooth wedding process. That place is just around the corner. This will give you hustle-free processing and it’s definitely a time-saver. If you want to know where that is, it’s the one and only Hong Kong! Hong Kong is a 2hr plane ride from Vietnam and it’s guranteed to be a quick and easy marraiage process. The documents needed are couple’s passports/visas and the application for registration, including the application fee which we pay as part of our service.

A Vietnamese national should have a visa to enter Hong Kong. To put your mind at ease, this will only take a few days to process. Just make sure to bring all required documents and for only a week of your stay in Hong Kong you can get married and also apply for a Visa at the relevant embassy if needed. The marriage certificate you receive in Hong Kong is internationally binding and recognized, and therefore accepted all around the world for Visa purposes.

So what are you waiting for? Marry in Hong Kong now! The advantages are numerous and there are no big obstacles for the day that you’ve been waiting for. It saves a lot of time and money, document translations are not required and we can help you in arranging everything to make your big day a day to remember forever!

Any questions?

Would you like more detailed information about a wedding in Hong Kong? Then please write or call us at any time, we will get back to you right away!

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