The third and last part is about the nightlife, shopping market and other tips for you to have in mind.


Best months to visit HK

Honestly, anytime is the best time to visit Hong Kong but if you want to be specific on that, it’s recommended to visit during the winter months of January, February, and December. You may wonder why, it’s all because, during that time, the weather is stable and perfect to roam around the city. Spring is also suitable for a visit to Hong Kong, including months of May and June. We cannot suggest for you to visit during summer because typhoons are expected in those months as the humidity can be very high.



Hong Kong has a lot of hot spots where you can relax and have fun. Lan Kwai Fong and SoHo are the most popular places for drinking and nightlife. They offer a variety of great restaurants, hip bars, and fascinating nightclubs. You can also find small food stalls which offer budget-friendly food and the like.

Tip 1: You may wonder why there’s food that’s called ‘Fusion Food’. This actually means that it is a dish made with ingredients from different parts of the world. It’s a must if you want to have a food indulging activity.


Shopping Spots

Hong Kong would not be Hong Kong without its shopping markets. The places’ unique feature is the popular shopping paradise, you can spend endless time window shopping. You can also find affordable products on the market.


Ladies Market

Notwithstanding the name, the market sells clothes for men, women, children or in short they sell clothes for all and plenty of cheap Chinese products.


Temple Street

It is the best place to window shop, but it is also available for serious shoppers like you. You can buy a lot in the area, many goods are low priced, such as clothes, handicrafts, tea sets, jade articles, antiques and electronics.


Ap Liu Street

It is known for markdowns on a variety of brand new and secondhand gadgets, electronic appliances, and computer products. In addition to that, you can also find toys and gifts for children, antiques, watches, coins, and clothing.


Hollywood Road

In this place, you can buy Chinese-style furniture, paintings or calligraphy, and porcelain.  Also, antiquities like electronic fans, photographs, watches, pens, and lighters from Western countries even gold and silver pieces of jewelry, and works from the neighboring Asian countries. The place is famous for antiques and precious relics.


Stanley Market

At this market, you can buy Chinese-style works of art, silk fabric, antiques, and king-size clothes. There are also many bars and restaurants anywhere, if you’re hungry after long hours of shopping, you can definitely drop by and buy yourself a snack.

Tip 2: Most stores won’t allow returns and be careful of beautiful but fake products.


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