This second part is about the magnificent sights that you can visit during the holiday season in Hong Kong.


The Hong Kong Island

Most of the tourist magnets are located in Hong Kong Island. You’ll find most of the shopping markets here. It’s also a center of the finest hotels and restaurants around the place. When visiting the island, your top priority should be Victoria Peak, which faces the city’s panoramic skyline, Victoria Harbour, and the majestic South China Sea.

Hong Kong also offers the longest covered escalator system called Central-Mid-Levels Escalator. It takes 20-25 minute ride one-way to complete the length of the escalator. It is an effortless way to stroll around the place, it also adds to your experience as a visitor in Hong Kong. Imagine standing on a moving plate, you can definitely take a lot of pictures along the way.


Next stop: Soho

Soho is a place where you can drink, dine and have some entertainment. In addition, it’s a home for chilling in a cool hangout place, awesome art galleries, antique stores, fancy restaurants, and modish nightclubs. It’s a totally different place during night time, it comes alive every night. Soho diners run the gauntlet from budget-friendly bites to credit card flowing meals, but the majority of it is at a reasonable price.


Man Mo Temple

It’s a place of worship dedicated primarily to Man Cheong (god of literature) and Mo Tai (god of war). Most of the visitors worshipped these Gods to be able to pass China’s civil service exam. A lot of Chinese believe that their prayers have been answered and a lot of them continue their faith to Man Choeng and Mo Tai. It only takes 20 minutes to stroll around the temple.


Lantau Island

If you’re the adventurous type, Lantau Island is for you! You can find ultimate outdoor adventure, explore Hong Kong’s additional history, have a comfortable beach staycation or check the tourist hotspots you’ve always been wanting to see. Finally, you can find the monastery Po Lin, with the Tian Tan Buddha, one of the traditional attractions around the island or if you’re fortunate, you might also spot the eye-catching pink dolphins.



Whether you’re a visitor or a local, there are a lot of places or hotels to stay in. Its price is also reasonable, a simple, small rooms are between 50 – 100 euros. Although most of the hotels in the area aren’t cheap, however, rest assured that you’ll have the best experience ever! We can also assist you in choosing the most convenient hotel during your stay, as professional wedding planners from this is part of our service to you. It can be a big and confusing city at times so don’t heistate to ask us!



There are a lot of available transportation around the area which can help you reach your desired destination in no time! You can choose from ferry, bus, taxi, train or you can rent a car or rent a bicycle to discover lots of tourist spots around the Island.

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