2018 has been a year full of challenges and laughter. As it takes to an end, we want to grab this opportunity to thank our loyal customers, hard-working employees and all those people who’ve been with us throughout our ups and downs. And special thanks to all the couples that journeyed with us from your engagement until your wedding day. Again, congratulations on marrying the love of your life and wish you the best in your marriage life.

I cannot tell you how much joy it brought me, witnessing two individuals from different backgrounds deciding to tie the knot. When we got married in Hong Kong years ago, that was the most beautiful and memorable day of our lives. The best decision we’ve made and from that day on we go hand-in-hand. Whatever challenges that come our way, we able to make it through because we’re stronger together. We’ve been so blessed because we made that decision to marry. Looking back, we never regret that it happened because we did the right thing, we’re happier now than ever!

We also want to share that happiness with other couples, that’s why “Marriage in Hong Kong” company was founded. We know the hardships including the successes that come from journeying towards marriage. And we sincerely want to help other couples as well, to walk the path together and eliminating bureaucratic hurdles and reducing organizational effort. So that we can decrease the stress level of marriage preparations and also enable you to think only of what matters most, your love for each other and your upcoming exchanging of vows.

Our experience helped us develop a promising company that leads to happy and satisfied customers. We did our very best to succeed, tried so hard to offer the best customer services. Because of you, our lovely couples, we are eager to develop an all-round carefree package next year! We are also grateful for the wonderful feedback from our dear couples, you brighten us up and we’re eager to give what’s best for both of you! We actually created an amazing video including so many of our couples beautiful images, you can find it here: www.marriageinhongkong.com/experiences. At this point also a huge thank you to the dozens of couples who have trusted us and now happily call each other husband and wife.

In addition, 2019 will be a year full of surprises! If you know other couples who want to get married the easy and fast way that helps for visa pruposes too, we are one call away! We will be your guide in your journey to be husband and wife, advise you and help you even after your wedding. We’re looking forward to a fruitful 2019. The future is as bright as your smiles and we’re here to see that shine in 2019!

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