A Serene Wedding Location

To couples who love nature, Cotton Tree Drive is perfect for a simple, earthy wedding ceremony. It is an outdoor setting, but it is a 100% romantic and ideal. Just imagine, walking down the isle of lush flowers and leafy green sprouts with the person you love. Seeing your partner eye to eye because you both know that this time is just for both of you. The smiles filled everyone faces, especially you and the one you love married in a beautiful tropical garden in Hong Kong.

You may shake your head because you cannot contain the feeling of butterflies and excitement that in a few weeks, you both will get married and start your journey together. It may feel like a dream but this is reality and it’s true that within a few weeks now, you both will ‘put a ring on it’.

Cotton Tree Drive is a setting to remember. Not because it’s a park but Cotton Tree Drive is one of the most sensational inner-city gardens in Hong Kong. The unique flowers and plants never stop sprouting in all year round! It is a well-developed place that you can see peculiar birds anywhere, a little river and picturesque fountains. Truly this location makes any weddings photos fancy. The park also surrounds by big skyscrapers, if you want a millennial touch at your wedding then it is also possible.


Its Main Features

The Cotton Tree Drive marriage registry building is called the Rawlinson House. It is also one of the most popular Official Marriage Registry sites in Hong Kong. In addition, it is one of the 19th-century Old Victoria Barracks buildings in HK (Old Victoria Barracks was one of the first British military compounds in HK). The exterior is surrounded with balustraded verandahs, molded string courses, column capitals, cornices, and a parapet wall.

The Rawlinson House building is two stories high. It is designed by people in the Edwardian Classical Revival. The ground floor has been transformed into Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry in the 1980s, while the first floor is now being used as the Park Management Office.

The Cotton Tree Drive has a variety of amenities which includes gardens, greenhouses, fountains, artificial lakes, waterfalls, playgrounds, sports center, restaurant, and museums. One of its most popular hallmarks is the Edward Youde Aviary, named after an HK nature-loving former Governor. This tropical rain forest houses 800 birds representing 150 different species, making it a grand photo-shooting venue for the wedding couples at Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry. So what are you waiting for? Book with us now!



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