Where should a Filipina get married?

All of us want our wedding day to be extraordinary, we want it to be memorable since we believe that we will only get married once in this lifetime. More so, for a Filipina who’s about get to married to someone from another country, in cases such as this, it won’t be easy to decide where it is best to hold the wedding day of her dreams. 

As a Filipina, it might be confusing which option is better: marrying in your own country, the Philippines, or getting married in your fiancé’s country. However, these options are both quite challenging to achieve since there are several complicated things that you need to go through. It’s already a given that each country is unique, and so engaged couples must abide by the process imposed by a government when it comes to marrying. 

As a result, it has long been debated where a Filipina should marry her foreign fiancé. Of course, we want to choose an option with fewer complications but do not impair the formality and elegance of the special day. Thus, in choosing a country to get married in, Hong Kong must be considered. 

The city of Hong Kong is located at the east of the Pearl River estuary on the south coast of China. It is a global economic powerhouse among the most well-known tourist attractions. It’s no surprise that many people, including foreigners, would want to be married in this city.

There are still rules that must be followed by anyone who wishes to marry in Hong Kong. However, the procedure there is much more simple, painless, and fast. Listed here are the reasons why you should consider tying the knot in Hong Kong.


1. Hong Kong Marriages Are Internationally Recognized

A marriage held in Hong Kong is recognized by international law, and thus it is accepted worldwide. There is no residency requirement to be married in Hong Kong, so you can get married no matter where you are or where your partner is from.


2. Accomplish Your VISA Right After Your Marriage

After being married in Hong Kong, the newlyweds will be eligible to apply and be granted a Visa with smooth and fast processing. So, the couple can now choose to live anywhere in the world together.


3. Hong Kong Wedding Venues Are Exceptional

Hong Kong has a wide selection of wedding venues for the ceremony and reception. Hotel venues in central Hong Kong are always popular, having a variety of well-known and highly rated wedding locations. These wedding locations, which range from formal dining halls to roofs with panoramic views, will surely bring your fairytale wedding to life.


4. It’s Easier to Get Married in Hong Kong

Although there are still processes to be followed for couples who want to get married in Hong Kong, the procedure is simple, uncomplicated, and straightforward. All that is required of the parties seeking to marry is that they fulfill the procedures and will be married without trouble. Destination weddings are becoming more popular throughout the world due to their straightforward process and good reputation; the city of Hong Kong has become one of the most popular places for marriage registration. Binational couples, especially Filipinas, getting married in Hong Kong are relatively prevalent.


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