A lot of binational couples around the world are tying the knot in Hong Kong that recently became a trend for nomads and travel bloggers.

Nomads and travel bloggers alike are known to have no permanent address because of the nature of their bread and butter which is to travel a lot. And it just so happens that getting married in Hong Kong is so efficient and easy, that’s why, a lot of nomads and travel bloggers are marking Hong Kong as their next stop — not to work, but to get married.

Travel bloggers and nomads travel very often. And because of that, they are exposed to different cultures and nationalities every time they travel to a new place. But people with these careers are much like us. They also can’t help it when they fall in love, even if it’s someone with a different nationality. But a conundrum arises, when someone who travels for work wants to get married with a foreigner. Because of this, getting married in Hong Kong is becoming a trend for travel bloggers and nomads!

Initially, getting married in Hong Kong can be done as fast as one can imagine. It can be accomplished in only a week’s time. Secondly, there are no complicated requirements needed – you only need your passport and you’re good to go and get hitched. Marriages in Hong Kong are also recognized internationally. As for visa wise, it’s a big help. Furthermore, the city of Hong Kong has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. So who wouldn’t want to tie the knot in this city of glamour full with all the hustle and bustle that just fits the lifestyle of nomads and travel bloggers.

Some couples are even choosing to spend their honeymoon in Hong Kong as well. To have your wedding and honeymoon in one city is like hitting two birds with one stone, and maybe, even a third bird to hit if travel bloggers choose to feature Hong Kong as well!

For nomads and travel bloggers or to anyone who wish to tie the knot — the city of Hong Kong is indeed the place to be and best choice to go. Even go as far as having an exceptionally stress-free wedding with the right people to help through the process. As for couples who wish to get married in Hong Kong but doesn’t have any idea on where to start, there are people who can help!

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