Marriage isn’t as easy as two people simply living together because there is so much more than that. Behind closed doors of every home are husbands and wives working together every day to make their marriage work. Marriage is also so much more than love, because simply loving each other is not going to be enough to have a lasting marriage.

Mere feelings will fade away, many claims so. But if love isn’t going to be enough, what makes a marriage last? In this article we will present some things to keep in mind to help and guide couples in making their marriage last.


1. Respect your partner

This is the first thing that married couples should keep in mind because, respect is very important in a marriage. Husbands and wives will never agree on everything and they are bound to have arguments because of their differences. But, if one or the other loses their respect for their partner, there’s a possibility that everything will start to fall apart. Remember, there are no obstacles or any fights too much to be resolved.


2. Take Care of yourself

Husbands and wives often times get too comfortable that they tend to forget to take care of themselves. Oftentimes as well some partners will feel left out when there are a lot of things going on with their partners. Husbands and wives must keep in mind that their life doesn’t solely revolve around their partners. They should be able to take care of themselves to have a steady mind. Perhaps some of them could also pursue something that they are passionate about.


3. Communication is a must

Communication between partners is very important. Without communication, petty fights will start to go way out of hand which can strain their marriage. Always find time to sit down and talk with your partner. Also, resolve any misunderstandings as soon as possible.


4. Have time

Being busy is not an excuse to miss out on spending time with your family, this point is very important especially for career-oriented individuals. Always have a life and work balance so that you will not miss out on what is most important – Family.

Go out and travel with your partner or with the whole family, have some adventure. If your on a budget, you can always go and eat at your favorite restaurant, or catch a late-night movie at the theaters. Spending time with each other is always memorable, may it be in a simple way or not.

Always make time for family most especially with your partner. Because when you’re old enough, you won’t be looking back on those afternoons when you were working hard in the office but on those well-spent moments with them.


5. Love is a choice

A quote that is so common about love goes like this, Love is not a feeling but a choice. Basing your commitment to your partner with your romantic passion will not help you in the long run when the feelings of adoration starts to fade away. Love is choosing to stay with your partner through any obstacles. Choosing to stay committed is what makes people stay together through tough times.


In the end, it is only up to the husband and the wife how long they wish their marriage to last. They can stay together throughout their lives if they wish so but it will take work on both their sides. Marriage will only last if couples work hard together. Both of them must also have an ample respect, patience and understanding for one another. Every year divorce rates in countries all over the world are getting higher and higher. But if there are couple who can stay together until the end, surely everyone has a chance of making their love stories last a lifetime.

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