Marriage contract questionnaire

    1. ( Optional) Husband's net monthly income (in euros):

    2. Do the couple have any children in common?

    Note: "Yes" should be selected if the couple has children together.


    2.1 How many children do the couple have?

    2.2 Name and date of birth of the child/children:

    2.3 Who brings other children into the marriage?

    3. Is this the first marriage for the couple?


    3.1 Which party was previously married?


    4. Should postmarital maintenance be regulated?


    4.1 Do the couple waive any mutual right to alimony?

    Note: if a child is born during the marriage, the waiver is no longer effective. The statutory regulation then continues to apply.


    4.2 How should payment of marital support be made?

    In the case of a fixed amount, a precise amount is determined, and this can be limited in Hme or reduced aIer a certain period of Hme.

    In the case of the limited maximum amount, a maximum amount of maintenance is agreed. If the court decides on a lower amount, then the lower amount applies.

    Fixed amountFixed amount with deadlinenone

    4.3 Who should pay the alimony?


    4.4 Amount of alimony (in euros):

    4.5 Are there any other property claims (e.g. gifts between partners) that should be regulated?

    5. Should gifts from one marriage partner to the other partner be recoverable after the marriage?


    5.1 Specify which grants can be reclaimed (detailed description!):

    6. Do the partners want to mutually waive their statutory shares of the inheritance (compulsory share)?
    The partner is thus contractually removed from the succession of the other spouse.


    7. Should a right of access to the children, or rules for both parents be established?


    7.1 Specify how the right of access to the children should be for both parents:

    8. Should regulations be made regarding the household effects? The household effects are all objects that are used jointly in the shared apartment, i.e. equipment, furniture and consumer goods.


    8.1 Specify how the household goods are to be regulated:

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