Hong Kong Cuisine is truly unique and one-of-a kind when it comes to the dishes they cater. The city of Hong Kong never runs out of things to offer its tourists in terms of places to visit, culture, and history. But another factor that drives tourists to their next travel destination is the cuisine it offers.

That’s right! Food is a part of our daily needs so you might be wondering —- what’s in store for you in terms of food if you ever find yourself in the wondrous city of Hong Kong? Well for starters, you will never go hungry as Hong Kong has an extensive menu to offer to its people and tourists.

So, in this new blog of When in Hong Kong, we are going to recommend to you their local food and dishes that you must definitely try in your visit to Hong Kong.


Dim sum


Besides the fact that it’s one of the most famous dishes in Hong Kong and you might already be familiar with this dish, the Dim sum of Hong Kong is considered one of a kind that is why it’s the first recommendation in our list. To make it simple, one of the reasons why one must travel to Hong Kong is to try their freshly made, mouth-watering Dim sum. There are dozens of dim sum dishes to try in Hong Kong such as braised chicken feet, porky siu mai, and the shrimp filled har gao. It should be noted as well that dim sum is always best paired with tea.


Lo mai gai


Next in this mouth-watering list to try and taste in Hong Kong is Lo mai gai. Lo mai gai is glutinous rice with the flavour of both chicken and pork, and sometimes even sausage. It is steamed and wrapped with a lotus leaf until it becomes sticky. This is a treat that one must definitely try in Hong Kong!


Roasted goose


Hong Kong Roasted goose is marinated in a blend of secret spices and then roasted to charcoal into perfection – which means until the marinated goose is roasted until it is golden and crispy to taste. With this mouth-watering dish, its juices and flavours that you will get to know when you take a bite is truly out of this world! You will never get enough of this dish!


Roasted pigeon


Now for some, this dish may sound exotic, but roast pigeon is actually a fantastic dish you must try in Hong Kong. A pigeon’s meat is quite similar to a duck’s meat — it is dark, but tender and very juicy. You can also choose to try the soy sauce braised pigeon as well. This dish must definitely be a part of your list of foods to try when in Hong Kong.


Ending this list is the cutest, Pineapple bun!



Pineapple buns are a classic in Hong Kong. They are mostly served in bakeries. Pineapple buns are soft and fluffy to eat. Try one and you will taste a wondrous medley of textures and flavours. It’s a warm bread with crunchy bursts of lightly caramelized sugar. You definitely should try this snack in Hong Kong!

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