What’s the best way to marry a Filipina?

Filipinas are exceptional women. They are strong, independent and passionate. But little do people know that Filipinas are actually very hard to pursue. It’s a tough love when you happen to fall in love with a Filipina.

Filipinas are bound to their very conservative culture in the Philippines. In old times, before you can ask a Filipina’s hand in marriage you must first deemed yourself worthy for the maiden. Men in the Philippines used to work for the girl’s family to earn their trust, doing them different kinds of favour such as chopping woods for fire, fetching gallons of water and if that is still not enough even going beyond to offer something very valuable to the family of the maiden.

Fortunately, those were just the old times. But, pursuing a Filipina is still no easy task. Filipinas are naturally born fierce lovers. In order to win a Filipina over, one must first prove that they worthy for their love. It would take months or even years to woo a Filipina. You have to go through days and days of sending flowers and chocolates. Maybe picking them up or walking them home from work. Or you may even have to go traditional and serenade them. And with a few confessions of love from here and there, after months of courting a Filipina woman, you might just win them over through your diligent efforts.

Falling in love is indeed a magical experience. There is no exact word to describe the rollercoaster ride that is falling in love. But falling in love with someone from another country — now that’s tricky. The next step of course is to settle down with the Filipina that you love. But now a question arises, what is the best way to marry a Filipina? Lucky for you, dear reader, I have the answer. The best way to marry a Filipina is in Hong Kong!

Well, a marriage held in Hong Kong is recognized by the international law so it is accepted worldwide. There is also no residential requirement to be married in Hong Kong so no matter where you are or where your partner is from you can get married. The only thing you will need to have with you is just your passport. And right after a wedding in Hong Kong, the couple can now choose to apply for a Visa with very easy and fast processing. The couple can now choose to live anywhere in the world after they get married in Hong Kong, and start the life they will spend together.

Preparing to get married in Hong Kong is also very stress-free especially if you have the right people to help you through the process. As for obtaining the marriage license, the process is very straight forward and is easy as well. And that is why they best way to get marry a Filipina is in Hong Kong!

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